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    WDI 2021 Virtual Camp Administrator
    (for Summer 2021)

    Pre Camp

    Work with HS Programming Committee Chair to :

    1. Assist with hiring staff
    2. Maintain waiting list to fill last minute vacancies
    3. Assist with staff training efforts, onboarding and managing staff during camp
    4. Communicate with staff on class assignments
    5. Collect and organize in approved storage site lesson plans, annotated bibs, handouts, slides, etc for easy access and usage
    6. Follow up with staff on course materials
    7. Set up website to support delivery of curriculum and communication with students
    8. Upload content from committee and staff at appropriate times
    9. Pre-session materials and materials to be used during session should be uploaded prior to camp
    10. Any supplemental materials should be uploaded within three days of camp
    11. Set up video conferencing (Zoom), any other infrastructure needed for delivery of camp
    12. Communicate with students on schedule, needed links, other materials
    13. Communicate with committee on swag
    14. Order and distribute swag
    On Camp Days
    1. Coordinate technology needs with teaching instructors and staff
    2. Ensure all site information, digital infrastructure is available and working for instruction and programming for all students and staff involved
    3. Check in with staff on any last minute needs
    4. Check in with students to ensure they have links, other materials (follow up with any students not present)
    5. Assist staff with any needs during instruction
    6. Be available for students and staff during the day for questions about schedule, etc.
    7. Responsible for the maintenance of facility use and student compliance with all rules of the property and camp (for in-person camp)
    WDI 2021 Staff Application

    Thank you so much for your interest in working with the Women’s Debate Institute. The qualifications and job responsibilities are listed below.


    • Commitment to the mission of the Women’s Debate Institute
    • Teaching experience (including coaching)
    • Comfort with a diversity of debate formats and/or styles
    • Experience with diverse constituencies

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Participation in one-day online virtual camps (Dates TBD)
    • Create and teach sessions on relevant substantive content (coordinate and mentor with staff, use team teaching strategies)
    • Develop and implement engaging strategies to teach debate skills
    • Coordinate with staff and board on development of curriculum and teaching materials in advance of WDI (teaching materials finalized two weeks before virtual camp)
    • Productive collaboration with students, staff, and board members
    • Participate in community development exercises with students and staff during virtual camp
    • Willing and eager to work with diverse constituencies

    All applications are due by June 15th, 2021. Applicants will be notified around July 1st, 2021.
    The WDI will hold two virtual Day Camp experiences in August 5th and 7th respectively

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